Ohio State University: Sight For All

Melissa Bailey, OD, PhD, FAAO: I work at the Ohio State University and out of the University we have a startup company called Sight For All. And Sight For All is working with me to continue the development of a software application that could work on a phone or a tablet. And we can use that in order to make two different kinds of measurements. One is an [inaudible] reflection measurement. So we can give, Doctors would be able to use it to give patients an estimate of their glasses prescription. We also have another module within that App that is a digital cover test. So, and that digital cover test measures eye alignment. So instead of the optometrist needing to use prisms to measure eye alignment, as they’re performing the cover test, the phone or the tablet will calculate the amount that the eye moves during the cover tests so that the practitioner doesn’t need to do that.

It’ll also prompt the doctor as they’re going through the measurements on all of the steps and it will make measurements on it to make sure that it’s a repeatable and reliable test. Maybe as many as 2.5 billion people in the world who need a pair of glasses, but they don’t have any way to get them currently. They don’t have anyone to measure the prescription. If it works on a phone or a tablet, that’s not a huge investment on the part of whomever is going into these places. And it’s portable, it can be charged on a solar charger. All of those really great things. You can just hold it up in front of their eye and get an estimate of their prescription.

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