NovaSight: Eye Tracking-Based Pediatric Vision Care Solutions

Good morning everybody, my name is Moshe Barel and I’m with Novasight. We’re an Israeli startup company and we are developing eye tracking based pediatric vision care solutions. We have two products, the first is the Eye Swift, vision assessment and the second is CureSight for home use and amblyopia treatment. Our technology is based on eye tracking sensors, which provide us with accurate and objective information on vision functions, based on eye movements. We also use artificial intelligence and big data analysis in order to enhance diagnosis accuracy and optimize treatment protocol. Our EyeSwift vision assessment has nine different exams including visual acuity, reading analysis and strabismus measurement. The exams are performed while the patient is watching short animated videos. It’s accurate, objective, fast and easy to use. We’re happy to share that we have signed a global OEM agreement with Essilor for the distribution of EyeSwift. Sales have already started this year, with very positive feedback from the market, and we are already working on the next generation of the EyeSwift.

Moving to the treatment side, the main condition that we are addressing is amblyopia, which affects 3% of the population and is the leading cause of vision loss in children. As you know, the gold standard treatment for amblyopia is placing a patch over the dominant eye in order to force the brain to start using the lazy eye. However, this treatment suffers from very low compliance because it’s inconvenient, it limits the activity of the children, and has a negative impact on their self-esteem and quality of life and it causes strained relationships within the family.

For that purpose, we are developing the CureSight for home use amblyopia treatment, intended to replace the eye patching. The treatment is performed while the child is watching his favorite video of choice, content of choice, through real-time 3D image processing algorithms. The system could auto adjust the treatment protocol, it allows for remote monitoring and it could offer or provide progress reports for both parents and eye care givers.

Here we can see the clinical results of a study we have conducted in Israel on 20 patients between the ages of 5 to 15. As you can see, we have significant improvement both in visual acuity and stereoacuity. Also, with compliance of 95% to the treatment with CureSight. Next year we’re planning to have a randomized control trial mostly centered here in the US. So, Why Novasight? Novasight is the only company to have eye tracking technology for amblyopia treatment. This allows us to offer treatment also for Strabismic patients and adult patients. Being able to run on any content, allows us to offer the most engaging treatment and we do not require any gaming skills or wearing VR headsets. This is our scientific advisory board. That’s it. Thank you.

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