How Local Chapters Support Fellows and ODs Year-Round

Dr. Weiler, Vice Chair of the US and International Chapters Committee, explains how chapters support fellows and ODs year round.

Cara Moore: Hi everybody. Thanks so much for joining us here on Optometry TV, I’m Cara Moore joined now by Dr. Danielle Weiler, the Vice Chair of the Chapter’s Committee. Thanks for being here.

Dr. Danielle Weiler: Thank you for having me.

Cara Moore: So that is just what we’re talking about, the state chapters, which may not get a lot of attention. So tell us what they do. First of all.

Dr. Danielle Weiler: Right. So the state chapters are available for optometrist, really Fellows of the Academy, to be able to network with like-minded individuals in their communities or in their States. To be able to link up with them and be able to, I guess they don’t even really have to be Fellows of the Academy, but for optometrist to meet up and for the chapters to be the grassroots, local communities for the National Academy.

Cara Moore: What do you think that relationship is so important?

Dr. Danielle Weiler: Well, here at the meeting there’s thousands of attendees, you can’t necessarily get to know people one on one and get to know who they are. And maybe you’re looking for a mentor and want to discuss the case or had an individual where maybe you have something in mind that you’d like to do something. The Fellows of the Academy are lifelong learners, so they want to be able to have that locally as well.

Cara Moore: So what’s the benefit you think of being involved with the Chapter?

Dr. Danielle Weiler: So it’s for fellows to have fellowship.

Cara Moore: Pretty much sums it up.

Dr. Danielle Weiler: Yes. Then being local with somebody and you know, getting to know them on a more personal level rather than just sitting in a class attending something together.

Cara Moore: And for those who may already be involved in the Chapters, what do you want to let them know about? About what the Academy’s here for?

Dr. Danielle Weiler: The Academy wants to have that local presence and you know, as the Vice Chair of the Chapter’s Committee, I want to be available to be a support for the Chapter President, and also to take those ideas back to the Academy Board so that the Academy as a whole can support us locally.

Cara Moore: And what about, what about personally? Why give back in that way?

Dr. Danielle Weiler: I love the Academy, which I know it like, it probably sounds super cheesy, but it’s where my passion lies. I’m a lifelong learner. It aligns with my personal mission. So why wouldn’t I give back?

Cara Moore: What’s your message for practitioners? Get involved in those State Chapters?

Dr. Danielle Weiler: Yeah. We’re here for you. We want you to succeed. We want you to be set up for lifelong learning, and there are people that want to mentor you at a local level.

Cara Moore: Okay. Very good. Dr. Weiler, thanks for being here.

Dr. Danielle Weiler: Thank you.

Cara Moore: I appreciate it. Thanks for watching Optometry TV.

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