Corporate Optometry Work Life Balance

Robert Africano, OD, FAAO: After academia, I wanted to see what would be the best fit with the least amount of stress. And I really wanted to balance that work life balance. I think that’s really important. I wanted to start of family, I wanted to expand my house. I was moving to a new area, and that balance was really important to me and my wife, and kind of my future family. I thought in the corporate setting, I would really best be able to sustain that. They’re really so many exciting kind of features that I really wasn’t expecting when I went into the corporate world. But what’s really exciting is there’s a huge wealth of support both from the company as a whole, from the Doctor network. So there’s a lot of Doctors from private practice, um, short term, there’s a lot of Doctors who had private practices for long-terms and then they sold the practice, and either they didn’t want to do retirement or weren’t ready for retirement. There are a lot of people out of academia, there are a lot new grads. So there’s a diverse, diverse population of Doctors working for the company, and there’s a lot to learn there. There’s a lot of support, and that’s something that I’ve found that’s been really impressive and exciting about my position, and kind of with the company as a whole.

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