Allergan Talks Innovation

Dave Gibson of Allergan talks about how the company is driving innovation.

Cara Moore: Hi everybody. Thanks so much for joining us for Optometry TV. I’m Cara Moore joined now by Dave Gibson with Allergen. Thanks for being here.

Dave Gibson: Hi Cara, thanks for having me.

Cara Moore: Okay, let’s talk a little bit about Allergan and specifically how it is driving innovation.

Dave Gibson: You know, innovation, I think both with our existing products that we have in the market as well as products that we have in our pipeline as well ones that are in development. So you know, very specifically one of the latest products will be introduced a few years ago was our True Tear product. No other product like it in the category, a nasal stimulation product for treating, managing dry eye. And now here, actually at this meeting we’re launching another product called refresh reliever. It’s our, it’s a trio product, it’s actually three products being launched at one time. It is a boxy methylcellulose combined with glycerin, and also hyaluronic acid, it’s a beneficial osmolytes and it helps to treat eye dryness, it comes as an artificial tear, and it comes in, both a preserved  bottle version, a non preserved multidose bottle, which is very unique and also a version for contact lens wearers as well. So it was the first time we’ve ever in our history, launched three tear products at the same time. And so it’s really a family of products. And I think the innovation there really comes both with combining that hyaluronic acid as an inactive, with the innovation that comes with the multi dose preservative free. So it has the convenience of a bottle without the preservatives. So it’s, it’s a, a nice offering.

Cara Moore: And not only are we talking about new products, but really technology-wise Allergan is doing something really unique. You’re launching a new platform?

Dave Gibson: We are, yeah. So, within the refresh franchise, we’re offering a refresh direct, it’s an e-commerce platform. So we are the first company that is launching a super simple, easy solution for doctors that like to sell products but don’t want to carry the inventory. So basically a doctor will make a recommendation on products and then in this platform, put in the phone number or an email address, the phone number will send a text message to the patient and then the patient receives it and they simply can order the products just like you would come from an Amazon. And Allergan will bill and ship their products directly to the patient’s home. And the Doctor doesn’t have to take inventory. It doesn’t have to worry about stocking and reordering and so forth. But at the same time, it’s convenient to the patient. The doctor is able to make the revenue off the sale of the product. And the doctor also knows that the patient’s going to get exactly what they want the patient to have, as opposed to making a recommendation and giving a sample out. The patient will go to the drug or the Walmart or somewhere and they end up buying something different from what the Doctor wanted. So it’s a great way to sort of guarantee that. So the platform is unique. It’s simple. And I think it, it’s sort of setting a new standard for that wait for the doctor to deliver the medication directly to the patient.

Cara Moore: And not having to worry about the cost of keeping products on hand. I would imagine it would be pretty beneficial for practitioners.

Dave Gibson: That’s right. You know, and within the refresh franchise, we have 16 products that are available. And so clearly doctors have different preferences on different products, but you don’t want to carry all the products within the clinic, within the office. So, this platform allows the Doctor to really have that full entire selection of all of our products, without taking, getting the inventory. So it makes it easy.

Cara Moore: All right, Dave, thank you so much for being here, we appreciate it.

Dave Gibson: You’re very welcome. Thanks for having me.

Cara Moore: And thank you all for watching Optometry TV.

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